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Project Publications

The following research articles have been generated by the prevention pilots:

Guastaferro, K., Felt, J. M., Font, S. A., Connell, C.M., Miyamoto, S., Zadzora, K.M., & Noll
J.G. (2020).  Parent-focused sexual abuse prevention results from a cluster randomized trial.  Child Maltreatment, 27(1), 114-125.  

Guastaferro, K., Font, S. A., Miyamoto, S., Zadzora, K. M., Walters, K. E., O'Hara, K. L., Kemner, A. L., & Noll, J. G. (2021). Provider Attitudes and Self-Efficacy When Delivering a Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Module: An Exploratory Study. Health Education & Behavior50(2), 172–180.

Guastaferro, K., Holloway, J. L., Trudeau, J., Lipson, L. B., Sunshine, S., Noll, J. G., & Pulido, M. L. (2022).
Virtual delivery of a school-based child sexual abuse prevention program: A pilot study. Journal of Child Sexual Abuse31(5), 577–592.

Guastaferro, K., Shipe, S. L., Connell, C. M., Letourneau, E. J., & Noll, J. G. (2023). Implementation of a universal school-based child sexual abuse prevention program: A longitudinal cohort study. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 088626052311587.

Guastaferro, K., Zadzora, K.M., Reader, J.M., Shanley, J., & Noll, J.G. (2019). A parent-focused child sexual abuse prevention program: Development, acceptability, and feasibility. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 28(7), 1862-1877.

Shipe, S. L., Guastaferro, K., Noll, J. G., Connell, C. M., Morgan, P. L., & Crowley, D. M. (2022). Taking a school-based Child sexual abuse prevention program to scale: A cost analysis. Prevention Science23(8), 1394–1403.